Can lighting influence workplace productivity?

industrial and commercial lighting types

For any company or business, getting the most from your workforce can be a challenge. Whether it’s frequent absences or missed deadlines, your employees could be letting you down. But in turn, are they being failed by the working environment itself. From distracting noises to poor facilities, the upkeep of your office could have a lot to do with the productivity and employee morale. And lighting is one of the most influential factors. Here at Walker Electrical, we are Preston’s leading electrical experts. We provide a variety of high quality electrical solutions for companies and businesses across the North West. From commercial to industrial electrics, we are the team you can count on. And we have produced this guide to effective lighting in the workplaces. So, how does effective lighting influence productivity.

How can lighting influence workplace productivity?

Lighting in the workplace can have serious effects on the mood, atmosphere and productivity of your workplace. This includes:

  • Dim lighting- lighting that is not bright enough can cause eye strain, low immune system, headaches, as well as low mood. This makes it more difficult for your employees to complete their work on time, and it can also be making them feel even more ill, prompting more time off.
  • Bright lighting- on the other hand, light that is too bright can be incredibly distracting and can also contribute to increased employee migraines. This is probably caused by the high light intensity and the glare.

So, as you can see, making the right lighting choices is key to keeping your employees happy and healthy. And this in turn will have a knock on influence on employee morale and productivity.

Light design for productivity

So, to increase productivity in the work-space, you should consider:

  • effective task lighting that can be controlled for each space
  • increasing the natural light
  • lowering the brightness of direct lights
  • providing more adjustable lighting options all round

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