Commercial businesses and PAT testing

electrical testing

PAT testing is something that every commercial business should be implementing, as it can help to meet the Electricity at Work regulations 1989, and can help you stay covered by your insurance. At Walker Electrical, we are Preston’s leading electrical experts. As a result, we can offer a professional PAT testing service for residential, commercial and industrial customers across the North West. As a result, we have produced this guide to commercial businesses and PAT testing.

PAT testing

Portable Appliance Testing can only be implemented by a professional and qualified electrician. Spotting faults and issues with your electrical equipment is what they are trained to do, and for insurance purposes, you need to be sure to only hire the professionals.

During a PAT test, the electrician will combine visual inspections with electrical testing. Exposed wiring, faulty electrical appliances and dangerous electrical practices will all be detailed and written down, so that as a business, you can replace and repair any issues that arise. Electrical wear and tear happens over time, and without the proper electrical testing equipment, you cant be 100% sure that your appliances are performing as they should be. As a result, a PAT test can help keep your employees and customer safe, while also protecting you legally.

How often should a PAT test be conducted?

Depending on the nature of commercial business, your PAT testing will need to take place around once a year. However, each setting will have completely different requirements, from shops to offices, which can influence the frequency of your PAT testing. The electrician you contact will inform you of the next necessary PAT testing date, based on your own circumstances.


On completion of the PAT test, you will receive some documents to say what has been tested and what the recommendations where. This can help you apply for insurance payouts if necessary, and also can show evidence that you are taking your Electrical Safety at Work responsibilities seriously.

For more information, or for professional PAT, get in touch with the experts at Walker Electrical today.