Common reasons for light bulbs to burn out too fast

If your light bulbs are burning out way before they should, you might be getting frustrated with the extra light bulb cost, and the inconvenience. But this can be more serious than just an inconvenience, and may need to be looked at by a professional. Here at Walker Electrical, we are Preston’s leading electrical experts. As a result, we have produced this guide to everything you should know about light bulb burn out.

What are the most common reasons for light bulbs to burn out too fast?

There are a number of reasons why light bulbs of any type, incandescent, CFL or LED, can burn out way before they should. If this is happening regularly in your property, it is probably something you should consider having a professional investigate, as it could be a potentially dangerous fire hazard. The most common causes include:

  • Using the wrong type of bulb- the bulb needs to be the right wattage for the light fixture, and if bulbs with too high a wattage are installed, these will burn out frequently.
  • Improperly connected light bulbs- if the bulb does not fit perfectly into the light fixture, or is not twisted in far enough, this can cause the bulb to blow quickly. In addition, a bulb that has been screwed in too far can be damaged, and cause damage to the light fixture too. This can result in a fast light bulb burn out because the electricity will be arcing, and uncontrolled.
  • Improperly connected light fitting- if the light fitting itself has loose connections or circuitry issues, the light bulb could be receiving too much power and over heat or blow quickly.
  • Excess vibrations- vibrations form other appliances or equipment in the area can cause light bulbs to blow quickly, as well as to flicker. This is because the excess vibration can damage the light bulb filament.

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