Considerations for portable heating in the office

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Now that the weather is colder and autumn is in full flow, it’s around the time of year that people in offices across the UK are feeling the cold. And a cold workforce will struggle to be as productive, because of being uncomfortable and distracted. Consequently, many office managers provide or allow portable space heaters for use during the colder months. But these are not always safe. Here at Walker Electrical, we are Preston’s leading electrical professionals. From office rewiring to student accommodation new builds, we provide a range of electrical solutions for businesses across the North West. And electrical safety is one of our primary concerns. As a result, we have produced this guide to the key considerations for portable heating in the office.

Are portable heaters safe?

Portable heating can be completely safe in any office environment, as long as this is used in the right way. This means putting some thought into:

  • The positioning of the heater- your portable heaters need to be positioned away from any combustible materials like paper and cardboard. This can be tricky in the office, and usually requires a company policy to be implemented. It also needs to be positioned in a place where it will not get accidentally knocked over.
  • The trailing cable- trailing cables are a health and safety risk for any portable appliance. This means that the heater will also need to be positioned close to the socket so that trips and falls can be prevented.
  • The socket used to plug in the heater- you will also need to make sure that the portable heater is plugged into a wall, and a not an extension cable. This is because a portable heater can easily overheat an already full extension socket, and cause an electrical fire.

Portable heaters and PAT testing

It is a legal requirement that any electrical equipment used in the workplace is fit for purpose and safe. This means that your PAT heaters will need to be PAT tested to ensure their safety before use.

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