Different lighting options for retail stores

Advantages of accent lighting for retail

In a retail environment, appearance is key for sales. So you not only need to keep your premises clean and spotless, you also need great lighting too. Different types of lighting in any retail space can have different effects, and be used for different purposes. So what are the different lighting options for retail stores? And how could it influence your business?

What are the different lighting options for retail stores?

In a retail setting you can make use of a range of lighting types, each serving a different and specific purpose, including:

  • Overhead/Direct lighting: This type of lighting is used to create the right amount of light for your customers and employees to see comfortably in your retail space. Too little light and your products wont show off to their full potential, and too much light and you risk giving your customers a headache. It is also know as ambient lighting as it is used throughout your store to create the overall lighting atmosphere.
  • Task lighting: Task lighting is lighting that is designed to help with a specific task. So whether its an adjustable light over the till or counter, or a simple wall light out in the office to help with computer tasks and paperwork, it is still a type of lighting that you should be considering. Employees with eye strain or a migraine are not as efficient as those working in well lit places.
  • Accent lighting: Accent lighting should be used throughout your property to draw attention to particular products. This is usually achieved by using a “spotlight” type of light fixture.

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