Do’s and don’ts for electrical safety at work

Electrical safety is essential in any business, company or industry. From exposed wiring to faulty circuits, your electrical items, circuits and appliances can experience a range of issues which, if left untreated, could be incredibly dangerous. However, you should never attempt repairs yourself, and should always hire a qualified and professional electrician. Here at Walker Electrical, we are Preston’s leading electrical experts. As a result, we have produced this guide to electrical safety in the workplace.

Do’s and don’ts for electrical safety at work


  • always contact a professional, qualified electrician for an electrical issues
  • have electrical issues checked out by an electrician at the first available opportunity
  • keep up to date with your PAT testing and ECIR
  • make sure your PAT testing and electrical inspections are conducted by a professional and qualified electrician
  • turn off any electrical items at the socket and unplug them if you are carrying out any electrical work. This will prevent any damage
  • use electrical items that have been approved and have the appropriate standards and kite-marks
  • keep your electrical items well maintained
  • use the correct wattage light bulb if you are fitting any light fixtures
  • use the correct size current for any circuit breakers and fuses you may be using


  • attempt any electrical repairs yourself
  • remove any plugs from a socket or power point by pulling the cord. This can be very dangerous and lead to electrocution.
  • overload your sockets with multiple extension leads
  • unplug or plug in electrical items with wet hands
  • use any electrical item with exposed wiring or obvious signs of damage. This will need to be PAT tested.
  • use any sockets that are damaged or sparking as this can be a fire risk.

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