Effective wall lighting options for hotels

Choosing the right lighting for your hotel can be a very important consideration. The right lighting can create the right atmosphere and ambience in your hotel, which is all very important for the overall aesthetic and theme of your hotel. Wall lighting can be an important tool in the illumination of any hotel, but how can this be used effectively?

What are the most effective wall lighting options for hotels?

There are a number of different ways to use wall lighting effectively in any hotel. These include:

  • Outdoor wall lighting
  • Hallway wall lighting
  • Bedroom wall lighting

Outdoor wall lighting for hotels

Wall lighting in the outside areas of your hotel can be very effective. This can be used to add accent lighting to seating areas, to illuminate paths around the sides of buildings or even for security lighting. The range of possibilities is endless with a variety of different types of bulb and lighting effects too.

Hallway wall lighting for hotels

Illuminating hotel hallways effectively involves choosing the right level of lighting for the space, as well as safety considerations. It may be that you opt for motion sensitive hallway wall lighting, to ensure that when the light is needed, it will be switched on, but not then left on when not necessary. Wall lighting can be used for this purpose, which helps maintain a calm and ambient lighting level at all times of the day or night. It can be less overwhelming than traditional down lights.

Bedroom wall lighting for hotels

Finally, wall lighting can be particularly beneficial for hotel bedroom lighting. This is because wall lighting can provide ample task lighting, especially if this is adjustable or moveable to give your clients more freedom and flexibility. In addition, wall lighting offers subtle, ambient lighting which is perfect for creating a relaxing bedroom space to unwind and destress.

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