Electrical Faults in commercial settings

In a commercial setting, electricity is often crucial to how your business can operate. Especially with a heavy reliance on phones and computer systems. As a result, an electrical fault can have disastrous consequences. Here at Walker Electrical, we are Preston’s leading electrical experts. As a result, we have produced this guide to help you identify some common electrical faults in commercial settings

A single item not working

If one of your electrical appliances stops working, you can usually put this down to a tripped fuse within the plug. Simply replacing the fuse, should allow your appliance to work as normal. However, if this is not successful, you could have a faulty appliance, or an issue with your circuitry. Overheating sockets or power surges can sometimes effect just one appliance. So call an electrical expert for official diagnosis and PAT testing.

Multiple items not working

A tripped fuse in the fuse box will turn off power to one or more circuits in your property. This will cause multiple appliances to shut down and stop working, because they wont be receiving power. Simply finding your fuse box and tripping the switch can rectify this issue. However, if you have an out of date fuse box, you will need to contact an electrician to safely restore power. This wont repair the time and money you might have lost though.

Intermittent Power

If you keep have short bursts of no power, something is seriously wrong with your circuitry. You need professional help and advice as soon as possible. This is because if your wiring is faulty, you may be at risk of electrical fire or electric shocks.

For more information or advice, or for a professional team to restore power to your commercial property, get in touch with Walker Electrical today.