How often should electrical equipment be PAT tested?

Here at Walker Electrical, we are Preston’s leading commercial and industrial electricians. We work across the North West to provide a range of high quality electrical solutions for companies and businesses in a range of environments. One of the services we offer is PAT testing. So how often should your equipment be PAT tested? And how does this differ for different workplace environments?

How often should electrical equipment be PAT tested?

PAT testing is a legal requirement for employers, landlords and self-employed, to ensure the safety of portable appliances. Every electrical item in your workplace needs to be safe and fit for purpose. And PAT testing records can be useful to show just how seriously you take your role and obligation, should an incident or accident occur at work. But the frequency of PAT testing is not covered, but there are some effective guidelines:

  • Offices, Shops and Hotels. In these environments, electrical equipment that can be moved, such as extension leads and small portable electrical items should be PAT tested every 2 years. While IT equipment should be tested every 4 years. Handheld electrical items should be tested every year..
  • Construction. All  equipment that is 110V or over, used on a construction site, will need to be tested every 3 months for security.
  • Industrial. From commercial kitchens to factories, all industrial sites should have portable, handheld equipment tested every 6 months. Stationary and IT equipment should be tested every 12 months.

Changes to the frequency of PAT testing

In certain circumstances, PAT testing may have to be completed more frequently than the norm. This includes:

  • if any damage to the equipment is noticed
  • if any wear and tear is identified
  • if the item is used very frequently it will need to be PAT tested more often

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