Thermal imaging for industrial load testing

Thermal imaging is a popular and highly effective option for identifying electrical faults in a safe way. This measures the heat output of electrical equipment and can identify areas that are not working effectively. But how can this be used for industrial equipment, and what are the benefits of thermal imaging for industrial load testing?

How can thermal imaging be used for load testing?

Using thermal imaging cameras can allow you to see a range of issues with industrial and manufacturing equipment that would otherwise not be noticed. This can include examining:

  • Distribution panels and disconnects
  • Electrical power supplies
  • Switchboards and disconnects
  • Motor Control Centers
  • Service electrical controls and transfer switches

In terms of load bearing, the thermal image technology will allow you to identify:

  • hidden stresses
  • damaged components
  • loose connections
  • unbalanced loads

This is because the temperature of the machinery and equipment can be seen visually at all stages of the process. Any clear contrasts or areas that are heating up more than others can be further examined to identify the issue.

What are the advantages of thermal imaging for industrial load testing?

There are several advantages to using thermal imaging for this type of electrical testing. These advantages include:

  • No down time- unlike other electrical investigations that would simply be too dangerous during regular operations, thermal imaging does not require any down time. This means you wont have to lose out on costs or stop any production.
  • Safe and risk free- thermal imaging can help to identify electrical problems in a safe and risk free way, protecting your employees.
  • Identify otherwise unseen issues- thermal imaging can allow you identify issues like wear and tear that would have otherwise been un-noticed. This can prevent full machinery breakdowns.

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