Using uplights for office work spaces

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Choosing the right lighting for any work space can be difficult, but it’s also very important for employee motivation, productivity and even employee health. Office work spaces can be more complicated to get right, as office work typically causes eye strain, due to it’s nature, and  they often include spaces with large glass windows, allowing a lot of natural light into the space too. Downlights are typically used for these settings. But uplights could be more effective. So what are uplights? And should you use these for office spaces? Well, here at Walker Electrical, we are Preston’s leading commercial, residential and industrial electricians. And this is out guide to everything you should know about uplighting for office work spaces.

What are uplights?

Uplights are a type of light fixture that direct light up towards the ceiling. They can be installed at the bottom of walls, to cast light up the wall, and even change the color of the wall itself. But more generally, they are installed part way up the wall, directing light towards the ceiling.

What are the benefits of using uplights for office work spaces?

Using uplighting for office work spaces can bring a range and variety of advantages. These include:

  • Creating softer lighting in shared spaces- when you spend a large portion of your day working at a computer or laptop, or poring over paperwork, downlights in office shared spaces such as kitchens and seating areas can be too harsh, leading to eye strain and migraines. Uplights on the other hand direct light upwards creating a softer light that can be more soothing for the eyes.
  • Creating stunning light effects- uplights can create stunning and stylish lighting effects for corridors,reception areas and conference rooms that can help to give your office work space a more decorative edge with attractive feature lighting. This can also help impress any clients or visitors your office might have.

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