Why is PAT testing important for student accommodation?

As Preston’s leading electrical experts, here at Walker Electrical, we offer a wide range of electrical services and solutions. From kitting out new business extensions, to industrial electrical work and electrical maintenance, we cover it all. This includes student accommodation. And while refurbishment and installations are our main priority, we also offer electrical maintenance tasks too. This includes PAT testing. But why is PAT testing important for student accommodation? And why should landlords not miss out? Well, this is our guide to everything you should know about PAT testing and student accommodation.

What is PAT testing?

So, first of all, what is PAT testing? Well, PAT testing is all about making sure your portable, electrical appliances are in good working order, and will not present a risk. This includes any appliance that is plugged into your mains, from fridge freezers to TV’s.

Why is PAT testing important for student accommodation?

So, is this necessary for student accommodation providers? Well, student accommodation providers and landlords are under no legal obligation to PAT test electrical items. But, they do have a legal obligation to ensure that all electrical appliances are in safe working order, and that these appliances are not a risk. PAT testing is a good way to provide documented evidence that your property is above board, and to make sure that, should anything go wrong, you will be legally protected.

In addition, keeping your students safe should be a top priority, and PAT testing can help to ensure that eventuality. Appliances that are wearing out, have faulty connectors, or even worn wire sheathing, can be a real risk of electrocution and electrical fires.

To meet your legal obligations, and to protect your tenants, and your property, book a professional PAT test today, with the team here at Walker Electrical.