The advantages of company car park lighting

Here at Walker Electrical, we are Preston’s leading electrical experts. From student accommodation, to commercial properties, we handle a wide range of electrical tasks and projects. This includes exterior lighting. But what are the advantages of company car park lighting?


One of the biggest advantages of car park lighting is the ability to draw in customers. On a dark night, or a dull day, customers are more likely to choose to visit your shop or office building, if your car park is well lit. Otherwise it can seem like too much of a risk, and they may well decide to return another day. But who knows which of your competitors will get there first? This means that installing and maintaining company car park lighting can boost your profits.


Another of the advantages of company car park lighting is safety. Good lighting reduces the risk of crime. After all, if your customers and employees cars are parked in a well lit location, thieves and other criminals will be deterred.

In addition, good lighting can reduce the risk of accidents like slips, trips and falls. If your car park has stairs or walkways, it is a necessity that these are lit. Otherwise your employees or customers could easily become injured.

The costs

However, one of the largest drawbacks for business owners is the cost. The cost to install the car park lighting, and the cost and responsibility to maintain it. There are also the energy costs to consider.

Fortunately, the improvements that are being made in energy efficiency, mean that lighting could be cheaper than you imagine. LED lights are a lot less expensive, use less electricity, and last longer than ever before. And these are only one of several options.

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