The advantages of electric radiators in student accommodation

Here at Walker Electrical we work with a range of student accommodation providers, to make sure the electrics are just right. The most common electrical appliances we are asked to install are the thermostatically controlled electric radiators. But why are these such a good option for student accommodation? Well, this is out guide to the advantages of electric radiators in student accommodation.

Heating in Student Accommodation

Student accommodation is a melting pot for people from across the country, and indeed the world. While this is fantastic socially, it can be a challenge when it comes to setting the room temperature. While some students may prefer the temperature to be colder, others will be used a warmer room temperature. As a result, central heating is inefficient at controlling this, and many student accommodation providers find that they are paying astronomical costs for gas and heating.

In addition, students in general dont tend to have an off switch. So whether its the lights in the shared spaces, or the heater in their bedroom, you can almost guarantee that appliances will be left on all day. This again contributes to those spiraling costs.

The advantages of electric radiators in student accommodation

The advantages of thermostatically controlled radiators are two fold. On the one hand, your students can have more control over the temperature of their room. While on the other, you will be saving money.

How do they work?

Electrics radiators are centrally programmed to reach the same temperatures, with an individual thermostat on every radiator. The temperature of each radiator will be regulated to keep the temperature level throughout the building. For example:

Say Student A has a cold room, the radiator in there will stay on for much longer to reach the desired temperature, keeping Student A warm.
However, if Student B has a warmer room, the radiator will cut off itself much earlier, as it will already have reached the temperature desired.

This means that the students will not be wasting gas keeping the central heating on all day, and you can save money.


Installing electric radiators is a fairly straightforward job for the professionals here at Walker Electrical. Why not contact us for more information or a quote?