The dangers of DIY electrical work

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While it can be tempting for homeowners, business owners and landlords to save money and carry out their own DIY electrical work, it is incredibly dangerous. As a business ourselves, here at Walker Electrical, we know how important it is to cut costs and stretch out a tight budget. But this shouldn’t stretch to electrical work. After all, electricity itself is extremely dangerous and can result in injuries, as well as fatalities. Not convinced? Well, we have produced this guide to the dangers of DIY electrical work.

Electrical Fires

Improper and inadequate electrical connections and unstable wiring lead to hundreds of electrical fires every year. So if there is a wiring job that you feel would save time and money if you just did it yourself, you couldn’t be more wrong. After all, repairing fire damage to your property is a nightmare. And if your interference does lead to a fire, you are risking not only your own life, but your employees lives too.

Even if you do complete the task with no damage, you haven’t been properly trained. This means that your work will not be “up to code” according to the code book produced by the National Fire Protection Agency. So you may even be creating a larger problem for the future.

Injuries and Accidents

In addition, injuries and accidents are incredibly likely whenever you attempt to work with electricity. Not only do many electrical tasks involve working from height, but electrocutions can be likely. As a result, you are not only putting yourself in danger, but also your employees and those around you. Injuries and accidents are common place when people attempt DIY work, and that’s without considering the electrical implications.

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