Installing smart alarms

Here at Walker Electrical, we are Preston’s leading electrical experts. From installing commercial lighting, to full student accommodation electrics, we tackle the whole spectrum of electrical tasks. Including the installation of smart alarm systems, and other security options. But what is a smart alarm, and why would I need one? Well, this is our guide to installing smart alarms.

What are smart alarm systems?

Just like traditional alarm systems, smart alarm systems can deter crime, prevent burglaries, and keep your property safe. Whether its a commercial, residential, or domestic property, a smart alarm can be a useful addition.
However, unlike a traditional alarm, a smart alarm will actually send a notification to your smart phone, so you can stay protected and connected at all times.
This is incredibly useful, as you will know immediately if:
  • someone attempts to break in
  • someone does not enter the correct keycode
  • there is a fire or flood in your property
In addition, if you think you have forgotten to set the keycode or the alarm system, you dont have to drive all the way home to check. Instead, you can simply connect with your smartphone, and solve the issue there and then.

Additions to smart alarms

Smart alarm systems can also link up with other hardware including:
  • gas sensors
  • video cameras
  • light sensors
So instead of needing to install separate CCTV, you can instead use a smart alarm system for everything you need to protect your property.

Installing smart alarm systems

Whatever type of property you own, or business you run, security is essential to your success. Smart Alarm systems can be the perfect solution. They will need to connect to your WiFi and you will need to have a compatible smartphone to operate the system.
For more information or advice, get in touch today, with the experts, here at Walker Electrical.