New year, new electric car?

electric car charging

With 2018 looming on the horizon, the future feels closer than ever. Virtual reality has hit our homes, driver-less vehicles and drone deliveries have occupied our news, and electric cars are becoming an increasingly valid option. Especially with the 2040 petrol and diesel car ban being announced earlier this year. So in 2018, why not brave the leap, and jump into an electric or hybrid car? You can also install a charging point in your own garage, so you never have to worry about fuel again! And here at Walker Electrical, as Preston’s leading electrical experts, we can install domestic and commercial EV chargers. As a result, we have produced this guide to electric car charging points.

Charge your electric car at home

By far the most convenient charging option, a home electric car charger means you can charge overnight, while you sleep, and your vehicle will be fully charged and raring to go the following morning. All you need to do is park in your garage or off-road parking space, as you usually would and plug your car in. It really is as simple as that. And with built in safety features for every charging point, you know your car will be safe and sound.

Charging at home is also cheap. It works out that to fully charge your car will only cost £3! And this will take you around 150 miles! Compare that to any petrol and diesel car and you can see that your fuel costs are at least halved.

But what about the expensive installation? Well, with government grants available, installation is a lot cheaper than you might think. It’s also quick, simple and fairly straightforward, so you can have your car plugged in and charging in just a couple of hours.

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