EV charger shortage

electric car charging

When it comes to electric charging points, we are the experts here at Walker Electrical. From installations at home, in public, or at the workplace, we have you covered. And not a moment too soon it would appear, as the UK has a serious EV charger shortage.

Lack of public charging points

The editor in chief over at Auto Express, feels that there is a serious lack of electric vehicle charging points across the UK. Bu is he right? Well using data from Zap-map it is safe to say that the number of EV chargers in the UK is falling way behind uptake of electric vehicles. And the infrastructure really needs an overhaul.

According to E-driver, ownership of electric and hybrid plug in cars has grown exponentially from only 2,254 vehicles in 2012, to to 85,983 at the end of 2016! This level of growth is only set to continue as electric cars prove themselves reliable and viable for longer distance travel. In fact, the new Renault model, Zoe, can now travel more than 200 miles on a full battery, while the new BMW can travel 190. The distances and power storage are being improved with every new release, and with the looming petrol and diesel ban, more and more car manufactures are producing real electric competitors.

However, the number of charging points in the UK has only increased from 2,883 in 1,287 locations to 11,736 in 4,243 locations during this same time period! As a result, the ratio of EV’s to charging points has increased from 0.78 to 7.32 in only four years. This means there are just over 7 EV’s to 1 charging point in the UK. And some locations have only 1 or 2 public chargers available!

Ultimately, by 2020, an additional 60,000 chargers could be required to keep in line with the European Union targets of one charger for every 10 cars on the road.

How Walker Electrical can help

Here at Walker Electrical, we can install the full range of electrical car charging points. From domestic to public use chargers, we can help. In fact, given the current statistics, it would be unwise for anyone with an EV to rely solely on public charging spaces. So why not get in touch today, and find out more about installing a charging point at home?