Advantages of angled wall lighting

When it comes to lighting your space, you probably consider ceiling down-lights and then additional lamps, with wall lighting reserved for corridor spaces and ambient lighting in shared areas. But this doesn’t have to the case. In fact, angled wall lighting can be a great addition to a number of properties, including offices and work-spaces, student accommodation, hotels and residential settings. But what is this lighting type? And what are the advantages of angled wall lighting? Well here at Walker Electrical, we are Preston’s leading electrical experts. We work with a range of companies across the North West, from our base in Preston, to deliver high quality electrical solutions. As a result, we have produced this guide to everything you should know about angled wall lighting.

What is angled wall lighting?

Angled wall lighting is a type of adjustable wall lighting that can be angled to wherever lighting is necessary. This can be used effectively in bedrooms, kitchens, bathrooms, and living spaces, as well as offices. And this type of lighting brings a number of benefits.

What are the advantages of angled wall lighting?

So what are the benefits of installing this kind of lighting? Well, there are several, including:

  • Reduced reliance on lamps- lamps are frequently plugged into sockets or extension cables around homes, residential properties and offices. Not only do the trailing wires cause a trip hazard, but overuse of extension cables can cause sockets to overheat, leading to electric shocks and fires. With adjustable wall lighting, you can drastically reduce these risks.
  • Practical, efficient lighting- adjustable wall lighting can be adjusted to wherever is necessary. In a kitchen, this can help with food preparation, while in the bedroom, this can make for an excellent reading aid. This is a practical addition that can benefit a wide range of properties and end users.

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