Benefits of high quality reception lighting

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Choosing the right lighting for any commercial property is essential. But lighting around the reception area of a building is something that can make a big difference to first impressions, as well as bringing practical advantages. Whether your property is a spa, a multi-level office based corporation, or a hotel, effective lighting in the reception area should bring visual impact, as well as functional benefits. But what are the benefits of high quality reception lighting? And how can you achieve this?

What are the benefits of high quality reception lighting?

There are a number of advantages to installing reception lighting that is both practical, and visually effective. These benefits include:

  • Quality lighting for your staff- Some hotels and other venues are tempted to focus on the accent lighting, and leave the rest of the space dark, to create a high level of contrast. However, while this would be visually appealing, it would not be practical. Reception lighting should strike a balance between functional task lighting and attractive accent lighting, and in doing so, this will help your staff avoid eye strain and migraines from lighting levels that are not adequate.
  • Guiding guests/customers/clients- A well lit reception desk area can help guide anyone entering your premises, so they know exactly where to go when entering the building. Accent lighting around the desk itself can be very effective for this. To make sure that the lighting doesn’t increase the temperature around the desk, and make your employees uncomfortable, you could opt for LED bulbs, as these are much cooler. You can even opt for a custom made desk, that has built in lighting, for a more professional finish.

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