Advantages of EV charging points for camping sites

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The great British camping holiday remains ever popular, with an increasing number of luxury camping experiences available. But why should you consider installing EV charging points at your camping site? Well, here at Walker Electrical, we are Preston’s leading electrical experts. From office lighting to industrial security, and student accommodation electrics, we offer a range of high quality, professional, electrical solutions. This is out guide to everything you should know about EV charging points for camping sites.

What are the advantages of EV charging points for camping sites?

Installing EV charging points for any camping site can bring a number of advantages and benefits including:

  • Putting your business on the map- with the limited number of EV charging points available currently, the map of EV charging spaces is currently crucial for all electric vehicle options. Once your campsite has installed EV chargers, your company can also be added to this map. This helps increase company visibility and can even direct more campers to your location.
  • Making your campsite more desirable- for drivers of electric vehicles, EV charging points at the campsite itself can be the deciding factor when choosing a campsite. As a result, installing these can make your campsite more desirable to EV drivers and families. At the same time, reducing emissions and making green switches is a social movement that is increasingly gathering momentum. By installing EV charging points your company can showcase its green credentials helping to boost opinion and desirability even for those without an electric vehicle.
  • Improving camping facilities- campsites always need to be updated and renovating facilities for future campers is a big part of running any campsite. Installing EV charging points can be part of this upgrade and can help to future proof your campsite for an increased number of electric vehicles on the roads, and an increased need for EV charging points.¬†

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