Motion lighting for industrial settings

When it comes to your industrial premises, safety, security and efficiency will probably be somewhere near the top of your agenda. But did you know that your lighting can play an important part in each of these? And by making changes to your lighting, you could make long term effective developments for your business as a whole? Motion lighting, in particular, can be an incredible system for any industrial setting. But what are the benefits of motion lighting for industrial settings? And how can you be sure to achieve the right results?

What are the benefits of motion lighting for industrial settings?

For any industrial settings, whether its a factory or a warehouse, motion lighting can be a game changing addition. The main advantages include:

  • bringing costs down
  • maintaining safety and security


Cost effective

Motion lighting in industrial settings is incredibly cost effective. How many hours a day are lights left on in parts of your property, even when nobody is using this area? This kind of wastage results in a much higher electricity bill, and much higher costs. So to help your business operate more efficiently, you should think about making the switch to motion activated lighting.

This type of lighting will illuminate an area when motion is detected. And it will automatically switch off once the motion has stopped. This means that you wont have to rely on team members to switch off the lights. And you will save money on bills, as you will waste a lot less electricity.

Safety and security

Inside your premises, motion lighting can prevent slips trips and falls on stairs and in corridors, because the light will always be on when someone is using the space. Your staff wont have to remember to switch lights on before climbing upstairs with heavy loads for example. And this can keep your workforce safe, and prevent health and safety incidents.

Outside your property, motion lighting is the perfect choice for security lighting, as when anyone approaches your premises, they will be illuminated. Pair this with CCTV and you will be able to catch any perpetrators in the act.

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