Angled wall lighting in residential settings

Whether its a gated complex with individual flats, or student accommodation in a block, angled lighting can be a great idea. Not only is it a fantastic interior design option, it is extremely functional and convenient too. As Preston’s leading lighting experts, we at Walker Electrical, have produced this guide to angled wall lighting in residential settings.

angled wall lighting in residential settings

So, what is angled wall lighting in residential settings?

Exactly as it says on the tin, angled wall lighting is adjustable wall lighting that can be angled to wherever lighting is necessary. This means that you don’t need to use as many lamps,saving on wires and potential socket overload.

Angled wall lighting works really well in residential settings, especially within bedrooms and living areas.

Angled wall lighting in the bedroom

If you are responsible for the layout and electrics within each flat, as well as the building as a whole, we seriously recommend angled wall lighting in the bedroom. There are a number of advantages to this, including:

⦁ No need for lamps because the angled wall lighting can provide direct and specific light as necessary. This has the added bonus of minimizing the need for extension cables and cords, which can be a huge electrical risk.
⦁ Each room can be fairly uniform in layout, which is especially important in student flats, and makes it easier to perform electrical testing and maintenance
⦁ Extremely helpful for the room users as the lighting can be angled to where it is needed quickly and easily

Angled wall lighting in the living room

If your accommodation block offers a social living room with a seating area, angled wall lighting can be a fantastic addition. Watching movies or playing games, the main lighting can often be too bright, while no light at all can be too dark. Angled wall lighting means that people can choose to use the lights for whatever they need, but everyone else in the room can enjoy the darkness.

Creating a space that caters intuitively for the needs of the tenants will undoubtedly improve their experience and earn you some great word of mouth. Why not contact us at Walker Electrical to find out more today?