Residential exterior lighting options

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Whether it’s a retirement home, or a gated complex, residential sites need exterior lighting to improve safety, and usability. From lighting up exterior gardens and pathways, to exterior security lighting to deter would-be criminals, residential exterior lighting is important. Here at Walker Electrical we work with clients and customers across Lancashire to deliver incredible electrical solutions. As a result, we have produced this guide to residential exterior lighting options.

Exterior spotlight lighting

As with interior spotlights, exterior spotlights focus a small but bright light onto a particular area. These can be very effective when used outdoors, to light up paths, pavements, and driveways, or even just throughout the garden to light up various points of interest. This can create a particularly stylish and interesting effect.

In addition to being a fantastic design feature, exterior spotlights are also practical. This is because they use an LED bulb which is incredibly energy efficient and can last a long time.

Spotlights are also small and discrete, which means that they can easily be hidden among foliage and rockeries so as not to be obtrusive.

Exterior path lighting options

One of the most popular residential exterior lighting options is to light up the pathways. When it comes to lighting up your pathways, there are two main options. These are:

  • Lighting the path itself
  • Using stakes to light along the path

The most complicated option is to light the path itself, although it is incredibly effective. This is because laying the groundwork would take careful planning and consideration to make sure that everything went as it was supposed to. As a result, it would be necessary to plan for this before laying the path.

The easiest way to light up the path would be to use stakes positioned at particular intervals along the path. This could be done at any point in your exterior design and can even be retrofit once your outdoor space is complete. Stakes have the additional advantage of providing additional light to surrounding areas, which makes them perfect for lighting near car parks.

Wall lighting options

The final residential exterior lighting option is to use wall lighting. This can be attached to exterior walls to shine out across your outdoor space. It also doubles as security lighting and lighting for smoking areas.

If you want to discuss your residential exterior lighting options, contact the professionals today at Walker Electrical.