Residential security lighting

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When it comes to your residential property, whether it’s a gated community, or a residential home, security is of the utmost concern. With staff, residents and guests to consider, keeping up to date with security is a concern for many landlords. Here at Walker Electrical, we are Preston’s favourite electrical company. As a result, we have produced this guide to residential security lighting.

residential security lighting

Why security lighting?

The outside of your property can be welcoming to potential thieves or intruders, especially if there are a lot of shadows around it during the evening and into the night. This can put your residents at risk from burglary.

In addition, if you provide a staff or visitor car park at your residential home, or a car park in your gated community, it is essential to keep these cars safe during the night.

Security lighting provides a solution to both of these issues, as it can deter would be criminals from making your property a target. In fact, once the security lighting is up and running, they are likely to move onto an easier target.

Light brightness

Although you might think that when it comes to security lighting, more light is better, this couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, the brighter the security light, the darker the shadows around it. This means that it can be more difficult for CCTV to pick up the images of your potential criminals.

Consequently, when setting up and choosing your security lighting, make sure you consult an experienced and professional electrician, to help you get the light brightness you need, to keep your property and residents safe.

Motion lighting

Security lighting is great option for the exterior of your property, especially if it is motion activated. This means that any would-be intruder, thief, or criminal approaching your property will trigger the light to be switched on and frame themselves. As a result, you dont have to worry about remembering to switch it on or off, or about wasted electricity.

In summary

Residential security lighting is a great way to keep your property and tenants safe. However, you will need to make sure you opt for the correct level of brightness, to make sure that your security lighting doesn’t have the adverse effect of making it harder to catch criminals. Why not contact us at Walker Electrical today, to find out more or for your own security lighting installation.