Electric Shocks and fire Risks in student accommodation

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As a landlord, you have a responsibility to make sure that your student accommodation is suitable and safe for your residents. So what exactly is the risk when it comes to electric shocks and fires? And how can you stay on top of minimising these risks? Here at Walker Electrical, we are Preston’s favourite electrical experts. As a result, we have produced this guide to electric shocks and fire risks in student accommodation.

electric shocks and fire risks in student accommodation

Faulty wiring

Old wiring in the circuits throughout your property may indicate a potential electrical fire risk. This is simply because of age. The older your wiring gets, the more likely it is to be showing signs of wear and tear, which means electrical charge could be escaping the external rubber. This will eventually cause an electrical fire, causing an immense amount of damage to your home and potentially your tenants.

The quality of your wiring can be tested as part of an Electrical Installation Condition Report, In addition, here at Walker Electrical , we offer thermal image testing, which can help to find heat spots, a potential indicator of faulty wiring.

An old fuse-board

If your property is rented out with an old fuse-board, this may be fine. However, you need to bear in mind that an old fuse-board is not fitted with modern circuit breakers which protest the circuits from power surges and faults. As a result, you could be putting your tenants at risk.

Again, the condition of an old fuse box can be tested in the same ways as faulty wiring.

Electrical Appliances

Although faulty wiring and old fuse-boards may be the obvious explanations for electric shocks and fire risks in student accommodation, electrical appliances are actually just as risky.

The misuse of electrical appliances is a common issue, especially for students. An errant tea towel covering a necessary vent can easily make an electrical appliance overheat and catch fire. Alternatively, overloading sockets with multiple extension cables is more common than you might think. And this is a sure fire way to cause an electrical fire.

Furthermore, electrical appliances need to be well looked after an maintained. Cables may show signs of wear and tear, revealing or exposing the wiring. This can be a huge safety risk and result in electric shocks and electrical fires.

Landlord Responsibilities

Make sure you take precautions as a landlord and have a full electrical safety check taken each year. You should also have the electrical appliances regularly PAT tested.

In summary

From old wiring to your new washing machine, electric shocks and fire risks in student accommodation are more widespread than you might think. If you need support to keep your property and tenants safe, contact us today at Walker Electrical.