The problems of socket shortages

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Here at Walker Electrical we are Preston’s favourite electrical experts. We work in a variety of fields across the North West, from student accommodation to commercial and residential settings, to ensure that electrical equipment is safe and well maintained. However, one of the key reasons for taking electrical risks is the shortage of sockets. This is leading to an increasing number of extension leads being necessary to power homes and businesses. But this can be a huge risk. As a result we have produced this guide to the problems of socket shortage.

the problems of socket shortage

Extension Leads and Danger

92% of the UK have informed researchers that they are using at least 3 extension cables in their home at any one time. In fact, it has become common practice to be using an extension lead in the living room, to plug in the TV, set top box, and the games console. While in most cases this is fairly safe, the danger comes when you forget that other items cannot be plugged into an extension. For example, moving to the kitchen, if you plug just the toaster and the kettle into an extension lead, you have overloaded it. As a result, it is at serious risk of catching fire,and this isnt a matter of if, it is a matter of when.

Consequently, electrical safety is something we should be aware of, especially when it comes to extension leads. In residential homes, and student accommodation especially, the misuse of extension leads may be more wide spread than you might think.

But why do we need so many extension leads?

The simple answer to this is that there simply isnt enough sockets in our properties.

Many of the houses throughout the UK were built in the Victorian or Edwardian era, where our modern day technological demands couldnt even be dreamed off. However, even brand new builds dont have the sockets that a home requires.

The National Building Council has revealed that a newly built 3 bedroom house will only be built with 38 sockets. This is not enough to fuel our technology and gadget driven trends.

When it comes to residential homes, the sockets available are often also at an absolute minimum. And in this instance, the cables themselves, as well as the misuse of extension cables, can pose a threat to safety.

Socket Installation

The only way to keep your property safe from overloading sockets with extension leads, and the electrical fires that can result from a misused extension cable, is to have new sockets installed.

Any professional, registered and qualified electrician can provide additional sockets. However, make sure you choose the right electrician for the job, one that has experience in your field, whether its a commercial property, or a residential home.

In summary

The problems of socket shortages include the overuse of extension leads, and overloading your sockets. As a result, people are risking electrical fires every day. If you are in need of more sockets, contact us at Walker Electrical today.