Electrical maintenance for residential homes

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Residential homes are full of electrics. From additional lighting to mains operated fire alarms, residential homes put a lot of demand on the electrics they use, especially where round the clock care is provided. Here at Walker Electrical in Preston, we know how important it is for the electrics to be up to standard in residential homes. As a result, we have produced this guide to electrical maintenance for residential homes.

electrical maintenance for residential homes

What is electrical maintenance?

When it comes to the electrics that you use day in day out, often you can neglect to think about the strain that they are under. In residential homes this is even more true, as many electrical items will be called on 24/7. This means that they will begin to show signs of wear and tear more quickly than your usual domestic electrics.

Electrical maintenance allows a professional to spot this wear and tear, and work to fix it. In residential homes, electrical maintenance could include:

  • Testing smoke detectors and fire alarms that are mains powered
  • Checking emergency lighting systems for faults and potential issues.
  • PAT testing appliances and keeping your electrical safety up to standard.
  • Thermal imaging to make sure that electrical systems are working as they should and not overheating.
  • Fixed wire testing
  • Electrical fault finding

Why is this so important?

Electrical maintenance is essential as wear and tear of common electricals can lead to much larger problems. In a residential home, having your emergency lighting out of action for a week for repair is a much more costly issue than arranging for electrical maintenance.

During electrical maintenance all minor problems will be picked up, preventing them from becoming difficult or expensive to handle. This can save you money, and ensure the security of your residents.

In addition, electrical fires can start because of faulty wiring and wear and tear. These can be devastating, and could permanently damage your company and your reputation, not to mention lead to fatalities. Electrical maintenance can help find areas of faulty wring and wear and tear, and this can be repaired, before it’s too late.

In summary

Electrical maintenance for residential homes is essential for the safety of the residents and staff. If you need to arrange regular electrical maintenance, contact the professionals at Walker Electrical today.