Apartment buildings and smoke alarms

Fires in any residence can be disastrous. Destroying not only possessions and property, but also claiming lives, fires need to be taken seriously. In student accommodation or professional home shares, fire safety is paramount. As a result, it is the obligation and responsibility of the landlord to make sure that appropriate smoke alarms are fitted. Here at Walker Electrical, we are residential electrical professionals. Consequently, we have produced this guide to apartment buildings and smoke alarms.

apartment buildings and smoke alarms

Legislation and Guidelines

When is comes to smoke alarms, it is a legal obligation that landlords don’t simply provide them, they install them, test them, and maintain them too. Failure to follow this legislation can lead to heavy fines and even imprisonment. The consequences are equal to the negligence, as by not installing smoke alarms, you are risking the lives of your tenant.

Apartment building systems

Generally speaking, apartment buildings, such as student accommodation and halls of residence, are larger buildings. As a result, the layout and complexity of the smoke alarm system that is required is drastically different to that required by a domestic setting.

Each individual apartment building will need to be individually reviewed and planned for, as well as have its own individual fire safety plan.

Installing smoke alarms in apartment buildings

In each of the apartment buildings, smoke alarms will need to be installed in various locations. These include:

  • Each individual flat or room
  • All shared kitchens and living rooms on each floor
  • The corridor and hallways of each floor

In addition, call points will also need to be installed in case of smoke detection failure. These will allow any tenant to raise the alarm themselves, in evidence of a fire.

In summary

When it comes to fire safety shortcuts cannot be taken. There are regulations and obligations that govern apartment buildings and smoke alarms, and these must be followed. If you are a landlord and would like more advice about installing smoke alarms, contact us at Walker Electrical today.