Spotting residential electrical faults

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When it comes to your residential property, whether your are a domestic landlord or own a multiple occupancy property, electrical work is essential. In fact, there are plenty of rules and regulations governing the electrical safety obligations of landlords. But even if you follow these regulations to the letter, electrical faults will still occur. So how can you spot these, and keep on top of electrical maintenance? Here at Walker Electrical we are residential and multiple occupancy electrical experts. As a result, we have produced this guide to spotting residential electrical faults.

Stay Safe

First and foremost, before you check any wiring or connections, you need to follow safety regulations and guidelines. Never interfere with loose wiring or faulty connections yourself. Instead hire a qualified and registered electrician.

Warning signs

Problems with residential electricals can leave some key indicators. Spot these and you know you need professional electrical support. The warning signs include:

A number of indicators can be revealed through the behaviour of your sockets. If you have an electrical appliance plugged in and switched on, occasionally your socket may feel warm to the touch. This is perfectly normal. However, what is not normal, is a socket that is hot to the touch, or a socket that is sparking. Both of these signs reveal an electrical issue. Never try and remove the socket yourself as you could do more damage to the wiring, or experience an electric shock.
Flickering lights
When switching your lights on or off, flickering and dullness can be an indication of a wiring problem. This is especially true if the flickering is persistent. Again, this is a sign that your wiring needs to be checked by a professional.
Electrical safety check
A yearly inspection of electrical work is a great way to spot these warning signs and deal with any potential issues that they indicate. Many of your tenants may not even realise there is a problem, and the longer an electrical issue is left untreated, the more serious the consequences could be.

In summary

Spotting residential electrical faults is easy when you know the warning signs. These include the behaviour of the sockets and of the lights. Here at Walker Electrical we are Preston’s favourite electrical company. Contact us today to find out how we can help you.