Electrical considerations for residential homes

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When it comes to residential homes, electrical work is an essential job. From motion lighting and emergency lighting, to electric key fobs and secure key code locks, these electrical installations take specialize knowledge. Here at Walker Electrical in Preston, we are the leading electrical professionals. As a result we have produced this guide to the electrical considerations for residential homes.

electrical considerations for residential homes



Keeping your residents safe, not to mention the staff, in a residential home requires a variety of specialist lighting types.

Shared Lighting.
With the variance in rooms and space, shared lighting will be a common concern. This involves the way that lights in shared areas are used, for example the social rooms, dining rooms, and kitchen. Motion detection lighting is the safest option for lighting your shared areas, including stairs, as the lights will be triggered when anyone enters the space, and will turn off automatically when no motion is detected. As a result, you wont have to worry about being left in the dark.
Security lighting.
To keep your residential home safe from would be burglars and thieves, external security lighting is a great deterrent. It will also help protect staff and visitors cars in the car park of your property.
Emergency lighting.
Designed to run in an emergency or power cut, emergency lighting can help your staff keep the residents safe by providing lighting around and towards emergency exits.

Other electrics

Lighting is not the only aspect of a residential home that requires specialist skills. There are other electrical jobs that will need to additional knowledge. These include:

Electronic key fobs.
Whether these are used for staff only areas, the front desk and reception, of for each residents room, there are a variety of electronic key fobs available, and they can help keep your residents safe and secure.
Key code locks and buzzer systems.
When it comes to your front door, or main exit, it can be extremely important that only authorized people can enter and leave. An electronic key code lock and a buzzer system is the perfect way to make sure that you can ensure a good level of security.

In summary

The essential electrical considerations for residential homes include lighting and security. Keep your residents safe and hire a registered and qualified electrician to install top quality electrics. Contact us at Walker Electrical today.