Electric radiators in student accommodation

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When it comes to student accommodation and heating, getting the temperature right can be a struggle. But more importantly, the cost can be astronomical. So as a Landlord, what can you do? Here at Walker Electrical in Preston, we are industrial, commercial and residential electrical experts. As a result we have produced this guide to electric radiators in student accommodation.

electric radiators in student accommodation

Heating in Student Accommodation

As students from across the country, or in fact, the world, could be staying in your residential accommodation, the different preferences in terms of heat will be obvious. While some students may prefer a warmer bedroom, others may prefer it cooler. However, with central heating it can be incredibly difficult for individuals to control the heating. This leads to windows being left open and fuel being wasted. If your property offers an all inclusive package, including bills, you could start to feel the pinch. So what is the solution?

Electric Radiators

Fitted in each room and communal spaces, electric radiators can provide the variance and control over temperature that students require. This will save you money, and help keep your rent competitively priced.

How will this work?

With an individual thermostat on every radiator, the electrics radiators are centrally programmed to reach the same temperatures. However, the temperature of each radiator will be regulated to keep the temperature level throughout the building. For example:

Say Student A has a cold room, the radiator in there will stay on for much longer to reach the desired temperature, keeping Student A warm.

However, if Student B has a warmer room, the radiator will cut off itself much earlier, as it will already have reached the temperature desired.

As a result, the electric radiators are much more efficient.


Installing electric radiators is a fairly straightforward job for the professionals here at Walker Electrical. We would install them in each bedroom, and each communal space. This would help the temperature stay perfect, even if the students accidentally leave them switched on all day! Why not contact us for more information or a quote?