Residential LED Lighting Advantages

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Here at Walker Electrical, we are residential lighting experts. As a result, we know how confusing it can be to choose between the various lighting types available. Especially as a residential property has its own unique features, that set it apart from other areas. However, as electrical professionals, we feel that there is no doubt, LED lighting is the best option for residential lighting. Consequently, we have produced this guide to residential LED lighting advantages.

High quality

When it comes to quality, LED lighting will not let you down. Taking a look at LED lights when compared to any other type of lighting, there can be no doubt that the LED lights remain the highest quality.

Long lasting

Not only are these lights high quality, they also last for a far longer duration than any other lighting type. This is because they make use of heat sinks, to remove heat away from the fragile internal components. As a result, the lumen takes a much longer amount of time to degrade than in any other lighting type. Consequently, the highest quality LED lights can stay lit for around 50,000 hours.

Energy Efficient

Furthermore, LED lights are extremely energy efficient. In fact, they use up to 90% less energy than any other lighting type, of the same brightness. This in turn can save you around 80% on your electricity bill. A saving that would be most welcome in any household.

In summary

Residential LED lighting advantages include the quality of the bulbs, the longevity of the bulbs and the energy efficiency. LED lighting in residential properties can help you save money and the environment. Not to mention the time you will save spent replacing blown bulbs!

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