Residential Light Fixtures

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When it comes to a residential setting, lighting is an important consideration. From strong overhead lighting to LED spotlights, there are a range of options for residential lighting. Especially in shared accommodation. Here at Walker Electrical, we are commercial lighting experts. As a result, we have produce this guide to residential light fixtures.

Types of residential light fixtures

residential light fixtures

Generally speaking, when it comes to your accommodation or residential setting, there are three types of light fixture to choose from. These include:

Direct Light Fixtures

Aiming to create a bright space, direct light fixtures direct the light from the fixture by using a reflective or mirrored surface to aim the light. This is usually used for the main lighting in a room, and can include a variety of lighting types including spotlight LED’s and overhead halogens.

Indirect Light Fixtures

Facing up towards the ceiling, indirect light fixtures provide a less harsh lighting option, perfect for evening and relaxing. Indirect light fixtures are generally used for lighting pre-identified spaces. In a residential or accommodation property, some of the lighting provided will need to be indirect. This will give the tenant the option of using a brightly lit space, or softer, indirect lighting.

Combination light fixtures

The combination of the direct and indirect light fixtures allow the space to be illuminated, but without the same amount of glare that can be expected from direct lighting only. Consequently, combination light fixtures can provide the largest amount of visual comfort. As a result, in a residential setting, combination lighting fixtures can be very important.

In summary

There are a range of residential light fixtures that are essential to the functioning of the space. These include direct lighting, indirect lighting, and combination lighting. If you need professional residential lighting advice, or you are looking for a qualified team to install your residential lighting, contact us at Walker Electrical today.