Installing under cabinet lighting in your property

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Whether you are a Landlord or a homeowner, some lighting tricks can raise the value of your property while making a real difference to the usability of the space. Under cabinet lighting is one such option that can look stunning in your kitchen. Here at Walker Electrical, we are electrical and lighting experts. As a result, we have produced this guide to installing under cabinet lighting in your property.

installing under cabinet lighting in your property

First of all, what is under cabinet lighting?

Exactly as it says on the tin, under cabinet lighting is fitted underneath the top row of cabinets in your kitchen. As a result, the work surfaces are lit by small and discrete lights that can look incredibly impressive.

What are the advantages of under cabinet lighting?

Under cabinet lighting is both a stylish and a practical option for any kitchen, with a range of advantages. These include:

⦁ Helping to make your kitchen look bigger by providing more light to broaden the space
⦁ Helping your kitchen to look cleaner by removing those shadowy areas under the cabinet
⦁ Helping your kitchen to be a more usable space with work-surfaces that can help you to see what you are cooking, with dedicated lighting.

Installing under cabinet lighting in your property

When it comes to installing the under cabinet lighting, you have two options:

  • Fitting the lighting before your cabinets- This is the easiest of the two options as it means that the power lines and sockets can be laid directly into the walls, without having to move cupboards or drill through completed tiling.
  • Retrofitting- This is more difficult as power lines will need to be laid through your existing cupboards and cabinets leaving you with a switch hidden inside or above one of the cabinets.

Whichever installation method you require, we can guarantee a professional and friendly service. Contact us today at Walker Electrical.