Advantages of installing a home EV charging point this New Year

electric car charging

With 2024 finally here, many of us are reflecting on the past year, and making plans for the upcoming year. But if you’re thinking about buying a new car this year, you might be considering an electric vehicle. Throughout 2023, sales of electric and hybrid cars have increased, and there have been a number of significant improvements to electric car design. One of the main barriers to purchasing an electric car is the thought of charging. But with a home charger, you can easily resolve this. So what are the advantages of installing a home EV charging point this New Year?

What are the advantages of installing a home EV charging point this New Year?

Opting to install a home charging point for your electric car can help make the transition to an electric vehicle much easier. In fact, this can bring a range of advantages, including:

  • Save money on fuel- switching to an electric car means that you can save money on fuel bills, as charging your vehicle costs a lot less than filling with diesel and petrol. But charging at home is also cheaper than using a public electric car charging point, where there may be set charges for certain time limits. A home charging point will remove this tariff, and you can recharge for your vehicle for much less cost.
  • Easy to install- a home charging point is not as difficult to install or use as you might imagine. In fact, here at Walker Electrical, we could have you up and running in no time.
  • Always be prepared- with a home charging point you have the option to charge your vehicle overnight, while you’re in the house. This means that each morning your vehicle will be fully charged and prepared for whatever you’re planning that day.

For more information or advice, get in touch with the professionals today, here at Walker Electrical. We are Preston’s leading electrical experts. And we can install EV charging points at home, and in the workplace too.