Choosing LED Christmas lights

With the festive season about to begin, your company or business may be considering putting out the Christmas lights, and spreading a little seasonal cheer. But have you considered choosing LED lights, over the traditional filament options? There are in fact a number of advantages to this. Here at Walker Electrical, we are Preston’s leading electrical professionals. From commercial electrical installation and repair, to schools, universities and residential properties, we offer a range of high quality, effective electrical solutions. And this is our guide to everything you should know about the advantages of choosing LED Christmas lights?

What are the advantages of choosing LED Christmas lights?

LED Christmas lighting can bring a number of benefits and advantages. These include:

  • Reducing the risk of electric shocks- traditional Christmas lights are known for the occasional electrical shock, either from the wall plug, or the little lamps themselves. But with LED lights, these operate at extra-low voltage. This significantly reduces the risk of electric shock.
  • Reducing the risk of electrical fires- because LED lights need such a small amount of power, these also will not heat up significantly, and in fact, generate only a very small amount of heat. As a result, the risks of electrical fire and burns are dramatically reduced. This increases the safety for you, your colleagues and employees, as well as your business property.
  • Reduce the cost- Christmas is often a costly occasion, but your Christmas lights don’t need to cost very much at all, if you opt for LEDs. In fact, LEDs use 80-90% less electricity than filament lamps so they are less expensive to run and typically last up to 60 times longer. As a result, you can save money on electricity bulls, and maintenance costs.

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