Commercial Electrical Safety Inspections!

Electrical safety inspections are carried out t ensure the safety of you and others. All buildings should be inspected and tested periodically to make sure that it remains in perfect condition. These inspections are recommended every five years – especially commercial buildings whereas others might require more frequent testing and inspections.

Once these have been carried out, an Electrical Installation Condition Report (E.I.C.R) is written up for any client.

Why have an E.I.C.R?

  • Within a commercial environment, the employer has a duty of care over their employees and their premises. It’s a legal requirement that an electrical installation should be maintained to prevent any dangers or incidents occurring. The E.I.C.R provides evidence that these safety checks have been carried out.
  • Many insurance companies increasingly insist on periodic inspections and testing on the premises.
  • Regarding new premises, this confirms that the installation within the new property is safe and suitable to use.
  • If the property undergoes serious damage such as a fire or flood, it’s best to get the installation checked and your results properly reports and documented, this provides a plan for any remodelling work being carried out.

What does it involve?

  • Inspection and testing causes minimal disruption to the building.
  • Electricians will walk in every room to get a visual idea of the electrical installation itself.
  • Detailed tests are carried out, this includes distribution boards, sockets light fittings and any other electrical outlets within the building.
  • Depending on the type of building, the checks are sometimes carried out during out of work hours to minimise the disruptions and requires power to be sometimes turned off.
  • Once the onsite work is finished, results are taken back to be assessed and thus, measurements can be taken into place.

The report document contains any damages or defects that are present and found, ranging from minor to major. It will also include any safety improvements that need to be made, and will always provide a written quotation for any work that needs to be done.