Commercial Lighting and Advances in Technology

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As our uses for technology change and adapt, more and more of these advances are being applied to lighting. In terms of commercial lighting, this can range from smart lighting to solar power. Here at Walker Electrical Contractors in Preston, we are experts when it comes to commercial lighting. As a result, we have produced this guide to commercial lighting and advances in technology.

Smart Lighting

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Intelligent lighting systems and controls, including movement sensors and photo-sensors, are becoming common in a range of commercial settings. The rise in these has also prompted a rise in smart controls, but what does this mean?

Smart controls are able to help businesses and companies control their lighting in ever more creative and useful ways. These include being able to control lighting usage and focus on reducing energy consumption.

Energy Efficient Options

Fluorescent tubes were the slowest lighting form to change to the energy saving LED lighting options. This was due to the cost of reinstalling. However, LED tube lighting has since become a viable option.

LED tube lighting can save more than 40% of your electricity and can last a lot longer than the earlier fluorescent counterparts.

In addition, energy saving halogen options have increased in range and use. This means there are now many options for businesses conscious of their carbon footprint.

Solar Power

External lighting such as security lighting and car park lighting is now available in more than just high impact lighting. Instead, these can be solar powered.

As a result, your business can stay safe and secure, without an additional cost on your electricity bill.

Using solar powered LED’s and a back up battery that stores electricity for up to five nights, solar powered external lighting could be the energy efficient and environmentally conscious option that your company is looking for.

In summary

Commercial lighting and advances in technology are beginning to work together. Over the coming years we are sure to see more advances that can save electricity, and provide suitable, effective solutions for businesses. For more information, or for your own commercial electrical installations in Preston, why not contact us at Walker Electrical?