Company Car Park Lighting

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Many business owners also take care of a car park. This is true for people who own a commercial property or business space, as well as landlords for residential schemes. As such, it can often be your responsibility to organise and maintain the car park lighting. But what are the benefits of good lighting for your company car park? Here at Walker Electrical we are a professional and qualified team. As a result, we have produced this guide to all you need to know about company car park lighting.

The benefits

A well lit business car park has a number of benefits.

Firstly, on a dark or foggy day, or if you are open into the night, a well lit car park can be a beacon to passing customers. People are more likely to turn into a well lit car park than one in total darkness. As a business owner, your profits will improve from an increase in passing trade.

In addition, good lighting reduces the risk of crime. This is a great bonus for businesses owning commercial properties as well as landlords for residential compounds. Keeping your employees, customers, or tenants, safe, has got to be a top priority. Good lighting can help you achieve this.

Furthermore, residential areas or compounds with good car-park lighting is more likely to be popular and attract tenants. It proves your ability as a landlord to provide and cater for all the details, as well as emphasizing your stance on safety.

The costs

One of the largest drawbacks for business owners, when it comes to good car park lighting, is the cost. This cost can be broken down into two areas. The initial cost for installation, and then any maintenance or repair over times, as well as the energy costs.

Fortunately, the improvements that are being made in energy efficiency, mean that lighting for you company car park doesn’t have to damage your bottom line. LED lights are a lot less expensive, use less electricity, and last longer than ever before. And these are only one of several options.

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