Dangerous DIY Electrical Work

We know how important it is for businesses and companies to save money. But we also know that this can lead to dangerous decisions regarding electrical work. Here at Walker Electrical, we are commercial electrical experts. As a result, we have produced this guide to dangerous DIY electrical work.


Each year hundreds of electrical fires are caused. This is due to improper electrical connections and unstable wiring. If you have a wiring job that you think would save your company time and money if you just did it yourself, you couldn’t be more wrong. Fires can cause sever property damage, as well as risk the lives of your employees. Cutting corners with electrical equipment is never a good idea. Electricians are qualified and experienced. They have a code book which is followed meticulously, to ensure that their wiring will be “up to code”. This is produced by the National Fire Protection Agency.

Injuries or Fatalities

Electricity is hazardous. Attempting electrical DIY can lead to disaster, not only for the person acting as an electrician, but for all those around them too. Electrocution, fires, and structural issues are all potential causes of injury, or even death! This isn’t just restricted to actually conducting the DIY work either, the faulty wiring and bad workmanship can cause a huge amount of problems at any time. It is essentially a ticking time bomb of disaster.

Damage to the Property

Good luck getting an insurance payout when your faulty wiring melts inside the walls, or causes fire damage. If your electrical work isn’t carried out by a professional, not only could people be seriously injured, your property will suffer too. Why put your company’s future in jeopardy? Trust us, the cost of repairing electrical damage is almost guaranteed to be higher than the electrical work you avoided paying for.

In summary

Electrical work may look easy, but fires, injury, death, and property damage all result from bad wiring and poor electrical work. Why take the risk? Dangerous DIY electrical work can kill. Contact the professionals at Walker Electrical today.