Dealing with water in sockets

commercial and industrial electrical services

Here at Walker Electrical, we are Preston’s leading commercial, industrial and residential electrical experts. As a result, we have produced this guide to everything you should know about the problems associated with water inside electrical sockets.

What happens if water gets in your sockets?

Getting water inside your sockets can cause a range of electrical problems and also presents a real physical risk to you or your household. However, this physical risk should be reduced if you have a correctly working fuse box and wiring system. This is because the impact of the water should cause the trip switch to cut the power.

What should you do if water gets into your electrical sockets?

If water gets into your sockets there are several things you should do, including:

  • Cutting the power- if the water did not cause the switch to trip the first thing you will need to do is cut the power to the socket and potentially remove the fuse from the fuse box. You will also need to make sure that there are no other plugs or lights on in the house before you touch any wires or cables.
  • Contact a professional team- you should get in touch with a professional team of electricians unless you have the experience and knowledge to tackle this yourself. Here at Walker Electrical our team are available 24 7 to help resolve any electrical emergency so even if it’s out of hours we can still resolve the water in your sockets.

What about water inside outside lighting?

If water enters the outside lighting this is no longer safe. The water can cause corrosion to the light as well as to any metal components which can be incredibly dangerous.

Here at Walker Electrical we are the team you can count on for any electrical emergency or problem, including water ingress. Why not get in touch today?