How does effective retail lighting improve sales?

If you own a shop or a retail store, you might be surprised to learn that the quality of the lighting, and even the type of lighting you use, could have an influence on the number of sales you make. But how does effective retail lighting improve sales? And what kind of lighting strategies can you implement, to help your business grow? Well, there are a number ways that your lighting can impact on sales, and here at Walker Electrical, as Preston’s leading electrical professionals, we have produced this guide to help you make the most out of your retail lighting.

So, how does effective retail lighting improve sales?

So, how can choosing the right lighting for your shop or store influence sales? Well, lighting can control:

  • How your potential customers feel- the right type of lighting can influence mood, and help your customers be more positive and energised. This in turn can lead to more sales, as the people who enter your shop feel more positive about making a purchase.
  • Where your potential customers look-you can use lighting to draw attention to a display, or to your high value items. Even impulse items at the counter can become more appealing with the right type of lighting. Use accent lighting to really illuminate a range of featured snippets, and your potential customers will be drawn to these items.
  • The time your potential customers spend in your store- by using lighting to grab the attention of your potential customers, and to make them feel more positive, you can increase the amount of time the average customer will spend in your store. More time in store means that you have more opportunity to convince your customers to purchase your products.

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