Different types of electronic lock for student accommodation

As a student accommodation provider ensuring the safety and security of the students is one of the top priorities, and electronic locks can help you achieve this. But what are the different types of electronic lock that can be effective for student accommodation properties? And which would best suit your property?

What are the different types of electronic lock for student accommodation?

There are a number of different options when it comes to electronic locks for student accommodation, and these include: 

  • RFID card systems– RFID cards use a chip that can be used to unlock the door. These cards either need to be in the proximity of the lock, or they may need to be swiped or scanned to unlock the door. While these are easy to install and use, there is a risk of the passcard being stolen and used for unauthorized access. This type of electronic lock can also be installed for interior doors, although a different card would be necessary, with an individual code for each student room.
  • Electronic keypads- electronic keypads require a passcode to be entered in order to access the property. These are often used internally for access to individual room doors and can be a good way to keep individual student rooms safe. These can also be used externally for access into the building itself although this will mean that tenants and staff will need to remember the passcode enter.

What are the benefits of electronic locking systems for student accommodation? 

The advantages of installing this type of locking system include:

  • Increased safety and security- electronic locks cannot be picked by standard methods and are much safer for your property.
  • No keys for students- standard keys are much easier to lose than a card that can be worn as a lanyard or kept in a wallet, or a passcode that can be remembered.

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