Electrical problems in student accommodation

Student accommodation, along with other forms of multiple occupancy housing, are regulated by a range of laws and legal requirements. This includes those relating to electrical safety. And this means that landlords have a legal obligation to ensure that the property is safe and fit for use. But there are some electrical problems in student accommodation that frequently occur. So what are the most common electrical problems in student accommodation? And how can you avoid them?

What are the most frequent electrical problems in student accommodation?

There are several electrical problems that frequently occur in student accommodation. These include:

  • Overheating sockets- In general, most homes do not have enough plug sockets, with the vast majority of homeowners relying on extension cables and additional power plugs. But in student accommodation, where almost every bedroom is equipped with a range of electrical items, from mini-fridges to laptops and games consoles, overheating sockets can become a big problem. This occurs when too many items are plugged into the same socket, forcing too much power through. This can even result in electric shocks from socket sparking and electrical fires too.
  • Flickering lights- from poor quality bulbs and light fittings, to circuits that are suffering from wear and tear, there are a number of reasons why lights can flicker. However, in student accommodation this is something that is a common problem, and should be investigated by a qualified, registered professional as soon as possible.
  • Accidental damage- in student accommodation accidental damage is a possibility although this usually only damage to electrical fixtures and fittings.

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