Indications your residential property needs to be rewired

If you own a residential property, like student accommodation or a residential home, you probably have a lot of rooms to consider. This will include a number of bathrooms, as well as possibly more than one kitchen. While a large property is an excellent investment, it can be a nightmare if it needs rewiring, especially with the number of additional considerations that accompany a multiple occupancy or residential property. So how will you know it needs rewiring? And what can you expect from such a large job? Well, here at Walker Electrical, we are Preston’s leading electrical experts. As a result, we have produced this guide to rewiring residential properties.

What are the key indications your residential property needs to be rewired?

You have a legal obligation to make sure that your property is up to code before any paying tenants move in. This means a full electrical inspection to make sure that your property is safe from electrical risks. During this inspection, some signs that your property needs rewiring may be revealed. These signs include:

  • exposed wiring
  • aged sockets or an old fuse box
  • hot sockets
  • sparking sockets
  • electrical shortages and outages
  • flickering lights

What will a full rewire involve?

Any of the above signs indicate that a full rewire may be necessary. Only a professional and qualified electrician will be able to judge. If you do need a full rewire, what should you expect? Well, the work will:

  • take around 4 weeks depending on the size of your property
  • require access to all rooms
  • potentially be messy as the walls may need to be channeled
  • require all of the existing wiring and cables to be removed
  • potentially need a skip to put in all the old materials

For more information or for any advice get in touch with the professionals today, here at Walker Electrical.