Electrical maintenance for residential properties this New Year

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With 2022 disappearing rapidly, and 2023 looming ahead, its a good time to get organised for the coming year. And for commercial, industrial or residential property owners, electrical maintenance should be top of the priorities. But what does electrical maintenance in a residential property involve? Well, here at Walker Electrical, we are Preston’s leading electrical experts. As a result, we have produced this guide to electrical maintenance for residential properties this New Year.

Important tasks for electrical maintenance for residential properties this New Year

So what is electrical maintenance, and what can you expect? Well, electrical maintenance will involve:

  • Testing smoke detectors and fire alarms that are mains powered- this can help to make sure they are in full working order to prevent any issues arising from dangerous situations
  • Checking emergency lighting systems for faults and potential issues- keeping the emergency lights on during a power cut or fire is essential for safety and evacuation procedures
  • PAT testing appliances and keeping your electrical safety up to standard- this is essential for meeting your electrical safety regulations and guidelines
  • Thermal imaging to make sure that electrical systems are working as they should and not overheating.
  • Fixed wire testing- to make sure you circuits are working effectively and are not overloaded
  • Electrical fault finding

Why is electrical maintenance important?

So why is electrical maintenance important? Well, it can help to:

  • identify potential issues before they arise helping to avoid costly repairs and dangerous situations
  • check on the wear and tear of different electrical items to make sure they are functioning as they should be
  • prevent electrical fires
  • prevent electrocutions
  • prevent electrical breakages and power cuts which could be dangerous

Electrical maintenance for residential properties is essential for the safety of the residents and staff. If you need to arrange regular electrical maintenance, contact the professionals at Walker Electrical today.