Electrical safety and circuit breakers

Electrical safety effects property owners in every industry, from stores and offices, to student accommodation and hotels, placing the responsibility of electrical safety on the property owner or manager. For this reason, regular electrical servicing and maintenance, implemented by a professional, registered electrician, is essential. But if you think your property or building could have electrical issues, there are some indicators to look out for, including the frequent tripping of circuit breakers. So what do you need to know about electrical safety and circuit breakers? And why is is important to understand this connection?

What is the connection between electrical safety and circuit breakers?

Electrical safety, and potential electrical problems can be identified through the behaviour of the circuit breakers in some instances. The circuit breakers are essentially switches that can protect your circuits, and any connected electrical appliances, from electrical problems including power surges, power cuts, and electrical hazards. If there is ever an overload of electricity, in any of your circuits, the breakers will cut power from the mains, to protect your wiring and appliances from damage.

While it is perfectly normal for your circuit breakers to trip occasionally, frequent tripping with no obvious cause could indicate a more serious issue or problem, including:

  • Short Circuit- a short circuit in your system means that live wires can make contact with neutral wires. This allows large currents of electricity to pass through small circuits, generating too much heat and tripping the circuit breaker.
  • Overloaded Circuit – if too many appliances are plugged into one circuit, and these are drawing a lot of power, this can cause overheating, and lead to the circuit breakers tripping.

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