Electrical Safety in the Workplace


It’s always best to make sure that you hire a fully licensed electrician to perform any repairs that may need doing. Don’t try and attempt these repairs yourself as you may be putting yourself at risk of getting injured. It’s always best to follow the below rules to keep yourself and others safe around the workplace.

  • Never remove any plugs from a power point by pulling on the cord, this is very dangerous so pull the plug instead.
  • Don’t ever plug adaptors into other adaptors that are already being used by other plugs, this can cause electric shocks and put you and others at risk of serious harm.
  • Make sure that you always switch off any electrical items that you aren’t using, and leave them unplugged as it can be a fire risk and waste energy.
  • If there is a bathroom at your workplace, take care in not getting them wet and avoid plugging and unplugging electrical items with wet hands.
  • Ensure that you do not use any electrical items that are damaged and have their wires exposed, if they are like this, replace them or call someone in to get them repaired.
  • Never use damaged sockets, get these repaired or replaced as soon as possible.
  • Always remember to turn any electrical items off at the mains if you’re carrying out any work, this ensures your complete safety and avoids any accidents.
  • Make sure that any electrical items that you purchase have been approved beforehand and always keep them well maintained to avoid damages. Always look for the BEAB seal of approval.
  • Do not use any type of electrical equipment outside if it’s wet or raining.
  • Always use the correct wattage light bulb if you are fitting any light fixtures.
  • Always use the correct size current for any circuit breakers and fuses you may be using.