Electrical solutions to safety issues in commercial properties

Here at Walker Electrical, we are Preston’s leading electrical experts. And we work with a wide range of companies and businesses across the North West, to deliver effective electrical solutions. As a result, we have produced this guide to everything you should know about the effective electrical solutions to safety issues in commercial properties.

What are the most effective electrical solutions to safety issues in commercial properties?

There are a number of effective and important electrical solutions that can tackle a range of safety issues in commercial properties. These problems, and solutions, include:

  • Preventing slips, trips and falls- dark stairwells and areas of your office block or store that are not well lit can be a real safety concern, leading to slips, trips and falls. Not only can this be painful and problematic, it can also subject your company to legal action. Installing effective lighting in these areas can be a straight forward and effective solution. Motion activated lighting can be the most practical choice, as this will turn the lights on when needed, and then off again once the space is no longer in use. This can reduce your electricity bill, and reduce your overall energy consumption.
  • Crime and burglary- installing effective security systems can be a great way to deter crime and prevent your company from suffering at the hands of criminals. CCTV and motion security lighting can work hand in hand to keep your property and stock safe, as well as your employees and customers or clients.
  • Fires and emergency situations- in an emergency situation there can be many risks that arise because of human response and panic. As a result, you should consider installing effective emergency lighting, leading the way out of the building safely and securely. You will also need to install up to date smoke alarm systems to cover your entire building and reducing the risks associated with fires.

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